The Intelligent Headset is a unique opportunity for developers to create completely new audio experiences. Even an existing app can get an additional dimension, by adding the features of the Intelligent Headset.

“Create with us!”


…The IHS framework work environment is fully prepared to be compiled without modification and well commented to understand every of its sections. Offers a wide range of possibilities readily usable by any creative developer…


The Intelligent Headset

is a good stereo music headset with additional features making it very interesting  for any developer to create a new app or extend an existing app with some of the features available in the headset.
For developers to take advantage of all these features we have created an SDK including a headset simulator, so much of the development can take place on the developer platform. The SDK also includes documentation and an elaborate example on how to use the features of the API.

Intelligent Headset™ features:

  • GPS for increased location accuracy
  • Gyro for head orientation
  • Compass for head direction with reference to earth magnetic field
  • Accelerometer
  • Dynamic 3D audio (See further down for an explanation of dynamic binaural audio)

Intelligent Headset™ API features:

  • Read out raw sensor data from all sensors
  • Fused heading for improved magnetic referenced heading accuracy
  • Simple functions for connectivity
  • Lots of functions for 3D audio handling

Intelligent Headset™ supported platforms:

  • Apple iOS 7 or later
  • Google Android 4.4.2 API 19 or later

To work the Android device must run Android 4.4.2 API 19 (or later) and support BT 4.0.

Want to know if Intelligent Headset supports your Android device?!

Download “IHS-Compatible?” from Google Play.


…The Intelligent Headset is the complement we were looking for Geoaudio, our georeferenced AR audio platform for mobile devices, because it perfectly solves the limitations of retrieving the user head real orientation. It sensors pack provides very accurate measures with a high update rate that are easily accessed through the IH SDK, allowing the developers to focus all the effort in the creation of their own apps…



Dynamic binaural audio:

The traditional surround sound commonly known, have multiple physical speakers that surround the listener, such as a 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound.

Binaural audio uses only two speakers or a pair of headphones. By using fairly sophisticated digital signal processing algorithms, binaural audio attempts to duplicate how we hear in the real world and mimic that effect.

The intelligent Headset produces binaural audio, using a technology known as HRTF or Head Related Transfer Functions. HRTF is the main technology in creating binaural audio.

HRTF works by applying sophisticated digital signal processing to a sound and then delivering that sound in the headset. The sound then has the apparent effect of coming from somewhere in the 3D space around the listener, well outside the head of the listener – also called spatial sound.

Using the orientation sensor in the Intelligent Headset, the binaural audio can become dynamic by changing between a set of HRTFs, depending on the listeners rotation towards the audio source.

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